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What Is the Difference Between Sexual Assault and Rape? (Mon, 25 Mar 2024)
Explore the critical differences between rape and sexual assault. Delve into the importance of consent and the consequences of these serious violations.
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Oklahoma's Gender Identity Laws Under Fire Amidst Tragic Student Incidents (Thu, 07 Mar 2024)
After Oklahoma passed a "bathroom bill" two years ago, we've seen growing tensions, physical altercations, and even the still-mysterious death of a transgender student in the context of public school bathrooms, and calls for policy reform.
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Can I Sue a Restaurant for a Food Allergy? (Thu, 29 Feb 2024)
Is a restaurant liable if you have an allergic reaction? FindLaw's Law and Daily Life explains food allergies, your rights, and a restaurant's duty of care.
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When Does Gossip Cross the Legal Line? (Wed, 14 Feb 2024)
Gossip may be fun, but when does it slide into the danger zone of defamation? FindLaw explains.
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The 'Eggshell Plaintiff' Rule (Mon, 22 Jan 2024)
Learn how the surprising legal doctrine called the "eggshell plaintiff rule" could impact you or someone else when an accident or injury is involved.
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